SOOMA x himynameisphilip | SOOMA Hair Frisörsalong Göteborg
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SOOMA x himynameisphilip

Mind Maps vs. Scavenger Hunt

From 22nd December, SOOMA turns into a canvas with an Installation & exhibition From from abstract artist & photographer himynameisphilip.

Accompanying original artwork for purchase, we will be releasing 50 limited edition SOOMA x himynameisphilip prints, available in store only.

For more details & information contact


More about the artist.

It all started with a couple of ‘borrowed’ CD’s… When Philip Liljenberg was a mere nine years old, he and his friends decided to steal some Millencolin albums – yes, those nine year olds were old souls with impeccable taste – and start a skate punk band. The rest is pretty much history, as, from that day on, Philip discovered the world of music. He started writing songs and has played in various skate, punk, pop and hard-core bands ever since.

Then, in 2001, he found a second love: photography. His dad’s old analog Yashica had been laying around, so he grabbed it and just began shooting. A few years later, he bought his first DSLR on a trip to Canada, and from then on, he never left home without his camera again.

But it was in 2013 that Philip knew for sure, he wasn’t a man of monogamy: his passion for music and photography was as strong as ever, but at the same time, he realized he must give his heart to painting too. He collaborated with the fashion retailer Street Files, and that same year, had his first art exhibition “Scandinavian Fishes” in Zürich, Switzerland, which sold out in one night. Since then, he has not only been selling limited prints and other paintings on his website, but he has been approached by various brands to design for them -his latest work being several skateboard designs for the American brand MADRID and the Swedish skate / streetwear chain HOLLYWOOD.
What you will se at this exhibition at SOOMA is a collection of abstract art I call ”Mind Maps vs. Scavenger  hunt”.