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SOOMA Hair Salon erbjuder de bästa hår servives , tack vare talang av frisörer och färgtekniker, de mest kvalificerade frisörer och barberare i Göteborg , Västra Götaland och Sverige .
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Thank you for visiting  SOOMA Hair to all of our wonderful clients & visitors to our website.  We believe in a transparent set of terms & conditions that benefits first & foremost our clients & customers, we also believe in making the way we work plain & simple without any unnecessary jargon so, please see below the few terms & conditions we have.



SOOMA Hair currently is not part of any external offers/membership deals sites or schemes.  You will be notified if this is the case.  We only offer memberships, gift cards & deals within the salon, we do not & are not part of any local membership, reward schemes nor do we accepts gift cards other than ours.   We have notified all parties that have us on their system as part or a scheme to remove us.  We work hard to make our own offers & reward schemes unique for our valued clients that maximise your experience.


We will never share your data with any 3rd party.  Any data we hold is securely stored on encrypted servers that meet Regulated standards.  Any details we share are to benefit your experience.  You may get the odd appointment reminder, email receipt, or newsletter but we promise it won’t be boring stuff.  We’re artists not salesman.  If you don’t want to opt out of this just send us an email and we will remove you a.s.a.p.  Please note that it is not possible to remove your details if you have an account with on our online booking system as your credentials are required to use the system.


  1. There are 2. 1 for cut, 1 for colour, you can only collect stamps on the cards that reflect the service you have had. i.e. get a cut, 1 stamp on the cut card, not the colour, have a colour service, 1 stamp per service on the colour card, not the cut.
  2. 1 card per person. We have a record of how many times you have visited us, we will be more than happy to check how many stamps you should have on your card. The card cannot be shared with family & friends, colleagues etc…
  3. Loyalty cards are only applicable to services & not retail products
  4. A card cannot be reissued if lost/stolen but please inform us if you have lost your card so, we can issue you with a new one on your next visit.

You’ve booked online, perfect. By booking online you must enter all required details. We do not use your details or pass them on to any 3rd party companies. SOOMA Hair may send you Offers & Information via email & SMS, but we promise it will be relevant and benefit you.


When booking and appointment via telephone, online, social media or in person, and it has been confirmed, you accept that at least 24 hours notice must be given when cancelling an appointment scheduled. You also accept you will be liable to a charge of 50% of the total service bill you if you fail to inform SOOMA Hair by telephone only. Why telephone only you ask? Messages, emails sometimes may not get through so we ask you to ring to avoid any confusion or avoidable charges. The charge must be paid. within 30 days.

You will be charged for the service you have booked online or a service that you have booked online and changed or added additional services to via telephone, Facebook, email or during a visit to the salon. If it is a colour service e.g One colour Roots to Ends,you will be charged 50% of the price stated on our website, (50% of 1200 = 600), for Ombre/Balayage (50% of 1400 = 700) or if you have booked in for a combination of services e.g. Highlights Full Head Roots (1500) + Olaplex (400) + Toner (450) + Cut (450) it will be calculated at 50% of 2900 (total) = 1450.

If you have booked online & have not showed for the appointment your account will temporarily be blocked until you contact us via telephone. Please ring us to unblock your account on 031-142245

Need more information? we are always happy to help. Can’t find the information you need to complete your booking, give us a call, send us a message or swing by for a consultation. We understand you may want to know more and we love talking about hair so, do not hesitate to get in touch and we can advise the right service for you.


If you have a budget, no problem, give us a call, email, message or visit us in the salon and we can break the price down for you.

By confirming your booking online you accept the price that will be discussed and agreed on during the confirmed appointment consultation. Don’t worry though, we will go through everything and it will all be discussed and confirmed. Contact us before your scheduled time if you want to discuss the price in more detail.

Some services do not show a complete price on the online booking service because we have not seen you. Depending on your hair and personal requirements, prices may vary. If you are unsure what service applies to you or how much a combination of services will cost e.g a Cut with Full Head Highlights Roots to Ends with Olaplex & a Toner. please visit our website at www.soomahair.se or ring, email, Facebook or visit the salon so we can give you an idea of the total cost.

Our prices reflect our level of education and experience.

Prices from April 2017

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